Nanobiotechnology For Mutant Scientists

Volume 1: The Ammunition Of The 21st Century - Genetic Pathogens

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Russia has made, arguably, the most deadly weapons. They use nanobots which can swarm into the bloodstream and replicate themselves, leaving the body with nothing but fluffs of dead organic flesh. These nanobots contain biological entities two thousand times more sophisticated than DNA, or so we are told. What makes the Russian war disastrous is that these nanobots can be used to attack anyone, anywhere in the world. With the alliance of the best nanotechnology engineers in the world, they successfully made nanobot vaccines which render them not susceptible to their fierce form of war. Even if by accident one could be attacked, they are capable of using them to repair damages made in the body.


The Chinese, on the other hand, have developed mutant bioengineered pathogens using cutting edge biotechnology and microbiology. These are potentially even more catastrophic, scientists warn. These genomes are produced by DNA manipulation, which only the Chinese geniuses can make. The pathogens have gene code-specific properties. They can attack human cells, causing intense ionisation, especially in the brain. The result is that the victim does not die instantly. Instead, he becomes a useless bar of organic flesh, completely losing the senses or even consciousness. The Chinese are, however, safe from this crippling 'virus' because it is engineered in such a way that their cells, which are, to a certain degree, different from those of other people, are not affected. These high profile academics studied the DNA strand responsible for giving Chinese their unique eyeball orientation and used it to develop a vaccine which only works on people who possess that gene.

North Korea

North Korea has developed a cybernetic technology that they have exploited in warfare. They are capable of linking the brains of every living human to satellites by sending distorted electromagnetic waveforms to targets and causing them to hallucinate, and monitoring all progress on their supercomputers. Each individual has a unique bioelectrical resonance frequency, which though may vary by less than 1 femtohertz from one person to the next, can still be identified. Children born in the last twenty-five years have had microchips inserted in their brains in the region responsible for sight and thought, such that everything they see and think about can be monitored. Secrecy is something the world lives not to 'enjoy' anymore, although many people are still not yet aware of that fact. It is supposed to be a war between the three nations. But it is a feud between everyone and the West who secretly control the United Nations, the entire world politics, economics, science, media and everything. Because of obvious ethical, economic and political reasons, it is impossible not to take sides, therefore everyone else is inevitably involved and thus at risk.

Author: Mpendulo Ndlovu

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