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Elefantel an engineering company bringing together electrical engineering, software development and ICT. Engineering is an applied science, and that is why our work spans across disciplines because they are inter-dependent. Our work includes smart homes design, internet of things, website development, server setup, wireless solutions, fiber optic technology, free space optics and many more related applications. However, the core of our business involves developing a client-specific application, rather than us offering already developed solutions.

Our business has also done a fair amount of pro-bono website development work with various non-profit organisations making a difference in society. One of them is African Education Fund, an American non-profit organisation based in Swaziland providing mobile clinics to rural areas and assisting women to run businesses. Another organisation we have developed their website is the South African chapter of the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa, YALDA, a university students-run organisation that fosters leadership and entrepreneurship in African youth.

You can contact us at info@elefantel.com for more information and feedback. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

For those that are science fiction lovers, you can visit the Elefantel Nanobiotechnology blog affectionately known as The Blog For Mutant Scientists and enjoy!

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